The Write Stuff - Part 1

Writing Content Articles

Writing articles for web site promotion is a little different than you're probably used to. While of course all spelling and grammar rules apply, there are some other factors to keep in mind which you may not be used to.

So we will be going through on these pages step-by-step on how to write web content for Sneakin Design.

The first thing we all need to remember is that we are not reporters. Even those writing news articles for Sneakin Design are not actual reporters. Although the objectivity of a reporter (on the news side) should be maintained.

What this means is that the articles should not be your standard Who-What-Where-When-Why-How type of writing style. There is a goal to this type of writing and that is Search Engine Optimization.

The bottom line: These are keyword articles used for web site promotion.

That is an important thing to remember.

We are not writing for a newspaper or for a general audience. We are writing to sell something for someone. Or in other words, we are paid to help web masters promote their web sites.

To do this we do not try and help other people. By this I mean we do not promote or endorse products. All articles must be generic and client free. After all, if you write an article on how great is, for example, and that is not actually our client, we will never sell that article no matter how well written it is or how great the content is.

The last thing we can do as a company is have a ton of articles we have paid for and can not sell. Therefore to ensure that we have mass appeal and customer potential we need to consider a few factors before jumping in and writing articles.
One of the most important factors is: Who are we writing for?
The cold hard fact is that 99.99% of our audience is English speaking and from America or Europe. This is the audience we need to write for and the reason why our freelancer authors need to be fluent in English and write for a general audience.
Therefore do not have any of your articles reference or rely on a frame of reference that potential readers would not have. What this means is that if your topic is “Bingo” do not write about ‘Bingo in Thailand’ or ‘How bingo is played in the Philippines’ as these are not clients who would buy our articles.
All articles need to be generic and for an American or European audience.
This is not as hard as it seems. All one needs to do when outlining an article is to stay generic on topic and not add contributing factors to an article that would make it geographic dependant.


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